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Divorce & Relationships – Chaos To Calm Interview with Terry Gaspard

Have you ever wondered if you are destined to just have bad relationships?  Or maybe felt as though you, in some way have inherited your parents dysfunctional relationship dynamics.  Are you the type of person who tries to “see the good” in everyone and therefore you tend end up in destructive relationships? Through the Empowered…

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Tolerance: The Key Ingredient For Peace And Calm

Note: This does not mean you have to tolerate negative or high conflict behavior from your former spouse. However approaching your interactions with your former spouse with an understanding of their motivations will give you the opportunity to approach those interactions from a place of logic instead of a place of emotion.

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Empowered Divorce Summit E2 – Parent Through Divorce -Julie Ross

Julie is the executive director of “Parenting Horizons”, an organization that is devoted to enriching children’s lives through parent and teacher education. Part I HD: “Hello and welcome to the empowered divorce summit. My name is Heather Debreceni, and I will be your host throughout this event. Today we are joined by “Julie Ross.” Julie…

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Gratitude In The Moment Balanced With A Plan For What Comes Next

Appreciate those beautiful moments but don’t let them keep you from setting goals and wanting to achieve more. Even if your goal is to have more of those moments. Or creating goals that allow you the freedom to make those moments last longer.  It’s as important to focus on how you want to feel about your life as what you want to attain.

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Divorce Embarrassment: How Relationship Failures Can Equal Strength

I realized that most people aren’t fortunate enough to fall in love with one person for life. That most don’t get to stay married or in a relationship with that ONE person for their entire lives. That is not how our species is wired.

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Create More Integrity, Beauty and Grace In Your Life

This principle has stayed with me throughout that career and into this one. I should try to be the light that shines and that is a guiding light to other people.  That’s what created the feeling that I have the ability to create beauty for other people around me.

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One Powerful Step That Will Change Your Focus And Your Life

Negative messages bombard us continually in life. Most of these are self imposed and in reality hurt us, while only a small percentage are actually important to our survival.

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3 Strategies To Create The Post Divorce Life You Crave!

Begin envisioning what you want your post-divorce life to embody and start taking steps today to ensure that every day you get closer to having this life that you crave. Your life won’t suddenly become perfect tomorrow! I am not talking about waking up tomorrow and radically changing everything.

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3 Strategies to Marriage Counseling Success

Pushing someone into attending counseling who does not feel that it will be effective will not make your marital issues any better.

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Chaos to Calm Moment – Daily Divorce Affirmation 19

Take Your Power Back Hey everyone, today I am excited to be bringing you the first of hopefully many “Chaos to Calm Moments” with me where I discuss things that I’ve tweeted about and talk about them in a little more detail in this Vlog format.  Lets just go ahead and dive right in because…

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