Perspective: Its Everything

At first I just wanted to wake up from the nightmare that was my life and let out a really huge scream. I didn’t want to eat, I couldn’t sleep. Focus? What was that? Life as I knew it died. And it was an excruciating death. Then, I got perspective – one that positively changed my life forever. Divorce is an OPPORTUNITY! Here are the top 10 reasons I find divorce can be freeing:

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A step towards putting your divorce in your past

Put Your Divorce In Your Past

The time immediately following divorce can be really hard.  There are so many changes to get used to and so many tasks to learn how to do on your own.  Taking the time to adjust to all of these changes is both “normal” and healthy. But what happens when you stay there, stuck in that…

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Divorced And Christian. Am I A failure?

When I first got divorced, I had just started to explore Christianity.  I seriously struggled with the idea that I was already a failure as a Christian because I was divorced. My desire to fully understand the impact that my failed marriage would have on my ability to be a good Christian combined with my…

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Get Your Budget on Track and Under Control After Divorce! Chaos to Calm Interview with Jessi Fearon

Get Your Budget on Track and Under Control After Divorce! Chaos to Calm Interview with Jessi Fearon. I have been blessed to interview amazing experts on everything from dating after divorce to co-parenting to financial planning as part of the Empowered Divorce Summit.  Unfortunately, there are a significant number of expert who aren’t able to…

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How I Broke Free Of My Divorce Isolation

After my first divorce (yes… yes… I still love having to number them), I realized how incredibly isolated and lonely my life had become.  I had very few friends left after my marriage.  Eventually, I had become ashamed at the state of my life.  I hated the thought of sharing my story with others.  This…

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