It all started with my mom...

When I was a child, my mother worked for the court system.  During my summer vacations, I would spend days sitting in court cases.  During those visits, I learned about how the court system works.  Thanks to my mom, this early exposure to our legal system led to a life long fascination with how court cases are built, presented, won and lost.  She continues to be one of the most loving, influential and supportive people in my life.

My dream career became a reality....

At the age of sixteen, I decided that when I grew up I was going to become a Deputy Sheriff.  In 2004, I got a job working as a civilian clerk in our local county jail and within months of starting, I got separated from my children's father.  I eventually advanced in my career and became a Deputy Sheriff in the same jail.

I changed my parenting style...

In the years that followed my divorce, my relationship with my children's father and my ability to effectively co-parent deteriorated.  As a result, I had to appear in court several times and I have paid thousands of dollars in legal fees.  But I wasn't willing to stop fighting to have my children in my life.  I educated myself not only on the family court system but also on how to parent effectively through all the chaos.  Today, I am blessed to have a wonderful relationship with both my children.

I learned to let myself love again...

By 2010, I had been married and divorced twice.  I decided that I wasn't very good at marriage and swore to be single forever.  I was focused on my career and trying to repair my relationship with my children.  That is when I met Mike.  A man who proved me wrong with his quiet humble charm and willingness to love me as I was, for who I was.  We have been partners in life, love and adventure ever since.

Best friends make all the difference...

I started my coaching practice in 2014 and that is when I met my best friend Gina.  We started our businesses together.  Gina and I have laughed together, cried together and through it all, we have supported one another.  My relationship with her has helped to reenforce to me the important role that women can play in helping each other be successful.  We also have a whole lot of fun going on adventures together too! 😉

How can I help you?

I use my personal divorce experience and the knowledge that I gained since starting my coaching practice to develop coaching programs that will help you manage the conflict in your divorce while strategically building evidence to support your case.  I will work with you to strengthen your relationship with your children in a healthy and positive way.  In addition, If you are financially recovering from your divorce and or trying to make the most of the retainer you paid to your attorney, I can help you understand how to budget and make the most of the resources that you have.

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