Empowered Divorce Summit E4 – Personal Leadership – Sheila Ramsey PhD

When you take that step back and you really evaluate it, you are removing yourself from the emotion.  The fastest way to start a war is to talk about your emotions. To say, “You’re making me do this!” or “You alway do that, and it makes me so angry!” Then people become defensive and they’re emotions kick in, and then you reach this gridlock. So I think it’s beautiful that you say, “No, just take a step back.”

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Invest In Yourself: Create Positive Profound Change For The World

By investing in creating positive change for you personally. Not for your kids. Not for your husband. Not for your friends, not for the people at church, just for you. Creating positive energy for yourself, will help you keep that going and to be able to help more people.  And the more people that you help, the more positive change that you create.

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Reclaim Your Power: Divorce with Integrity, Respect And Grace

Sometimes it’s like you get sucked into it and you want to try some of those things yourself. But here is what I can say, as satisfying as that may feel in the moment, it creates more damage and chaos.  The more that you interact with it, the worse that it gets. And it builds, and it builds and it builds. But you do have the power to say that in this process, you are not going to do that.

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Being Right Vs Doing Right: A Shift In Focus To Create A Better Outcome

Keep your focus on doing what is right and what will help everybody. Or if not everyone then at the very least you or your children. Focus on doing what you need to be happy, healthy and successful in what you are trying to do. That will change the struggle and that feeling like your always fighting and your always in the thick of it.

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Empowered Divorce Summit E3 -Embrace Your Erotic Nature- Allana Pratt

Today we are joined by Allana Pratt, a Cum Laude graduate of Columbia. She is a single mom who has battled an internal war with body shame and sexual guilt and won.  Allana is also the author of four incredible books including, “The Reluctant Milf.” She now uses her experience to inspire women to embrace their sacred…

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Overcome Feeling Overwhelmed By Reconnecting To Your Why

When you are in the thick of this divorce/custody process, it’s easy to get wrapped up in the fight.  Sometimes inadvertently, you find yourself fighting just for the sake of fighting.  Or, maybe you are fighting to be right.  Which shouldn’t be confused with fighting because it is the right thing to do.

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Divorce & Relationships – Chaos To Calm Interview with Terry Gaspard

Have you ever wondered if you are destined to just have bad relationships?  Or maybe felt as though you, in some way have inherited your parents dysfunctional relationship dynamics.  Are you the type of person who tries to “see the good” in everyone and therefore you tend end up in destructive relationships? Through the Empowered…

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Tolerance: The Key Ingredient For Peace And Calm

Note: This does not mean you have to tolerate negative or high conflict behavior from your former spouse. However approaching your interactions with your former spouse with an understanding of their motivations will give you the opportunity to approach those interactions from a place of logic instead of a place of emotion.

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Empowered Divorce Summit E2 – Parent Through Divorce -Julie Ross

Julie is the executive director of “Parenting Horizons”, an organization that is devoted to enriching children’s lives through parent and teacher education. Part I HD: “Hello and welcome to the empowered divorce summit. My name is Heather Debreceni, and I will be your host throughout this event. Today we are joined by “Julie Ross.” Julie…

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Gratitude In The Moment Balanced With A Plan For What Comes Next

Appreciate those beautiful moments but don’t let them keep you from setting goals and wanting to achieve more. Even if your goal is to have more of those moments. Or creating goals that allow you the freedom to make those moments last longer.  It’s as important to focus on how you want to feel about your life as what you want to attain.

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