Gratitude In The Moment Balanced With A Plan For What Comes Next

Todays Chaos To Calm Moment is about the quote, “Balance gratitude for the simplicity of the moment with an awareness that your limitless dreams are within your reach.” 

That sounds really wonderful and so nice but how do you do that?

It’s important to understand that you should have goals that you are working towards. A life that you are trying to create.  While at the same time not being so driven that you fail to appreciate what you have in the moment.

We always have something to be grateful for in our lives.  However, sometimes you have to dig deep to find that thing.  Your moment could be as simple as having five minutes alone in the bathroom today.  If you have small children, that is a feat in itself. Your moment can also be getting to spend a hour hiking in the woods.

Acknowledging and being aware of these moments is showing gratitude. 

Simply taking the time to enjoy being in nature is part of showing gratitude for the opportunity. Then you can balance the love of that moment with the knowledge that you want to have more. 

What are your dreams? What are the things that you want to accomplish in your life?

Know that having dreams doesn’t mean that you don’t focus on all the wonderful in your life right now. The opposite of that is true too.  

Don’t be so focused on living “in the moment” that you neglect to plan for what comes next. 

It doesn’t have to be your Five Year Plan, it just has to be what you want next.  What is your next step?  What’s the next thing that you want to happen in your life?

Is it career based?  Does it have to do with your children?  Or, is it what you want to happen next financially?  Whatever that next thing is, go for it!  But, don’t forget to appreciate the little things as they are happening. 

Appreciate those beautiful moments but don’t let them keep you from setting goals and wanting to achieve more. Even if your goal is to have more of those moments. Or creating goals that allow you the freedom to make those moments last longer.  It’s as important to focus on how you want to feel about your life as what you want to attain.

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This or any advice that has been given by Heather Debreceni is not meant to replace or superseded the advice of your attorney or the acting family therapist involved in your case and does not constitute legal or psychological counseling.
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Heather Debreceni

In 2004, after getting a job in Law Enforcement, Heather left her husband and started the divorce process. Like many mothers in her situation, she naively thought that getting divorced would be the end of the chaos that her failing marriage had created in her and her children’s lives. She now uses her divorce experience to create strategic divorce coaching programs which help mothers turn the chaos of divorce into confident, calm and respect filled lives. Heather is the Founder and Host of the Empowered Divorce Summit which empowers individuals as they navigate through the divorce process. Now a podcast, it provides listeners with access to insightful interviews with experts on divorce, relationships and parenting. She is also an Ordained Non-Denomination Christian Reverend as well as a student of the Buddhist & First Nationals faith and spirituality. Heather supports her clients as they walk through the spiritual rebirth that occurs for many women after divorce. Heather also tours around the country with her family giving talks about Divorce, Ethics, Parenting, Personal Responsibility, Spirituality and Women's Empowerment as well as teaching about Leadership, Business and Entrepreneurship.

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